One month to go!!!

Here we are, one month to go!

It still does not feel real yet, I think with family, work and fundraising I’ve not had much chance to think about the actual event but the butterflies are coming.

Since my last update, there have been a few developments.


I have been very luck to get a generous donation from Phil Brooks and Agile Network Systems. Phil brings his son to one of my Rugbytots classes and has been supportive of my challenge since first finding out about it. If you would like to know more about Agile Network Systems, please check out their website

I have also received another donation from a former Rugbytots coach, Chris Pink and his car leasing company, Pink Sauce Leasing. Please check out his website if you are thinking of leasing a car give him a call, you’ll not be disappointed with his personal yet professional service.

The third big donation came from Rugbytots. I have been lucky to be involved with Rugbytots for around 10 years and I am very grateful to Max Webb and Rugbytots not only for taking me on all those years ago but for the support of my part in the Wooden Spoon Lmax Exchange Everest Rugby Challenge (to give it its full title).

Along with these very kind donations, I have also received a lot of donations through my just giving page I really appreciate these donations. For those anonymous donations, I wish I knew who you are so I could personally thank you but I respect your decision to remain anonymous.

This next month will hopefully see a raise in the total on my just giving page as I have events at my daughters school, my rugby club Eastleigh RFC and through my Rugbytots classes.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and have shown interest in my challenge.


As you would expect, the training has ramped up a bit. Or at least that’s mostly the case, what I wasn’t expecting was a trapped nerve in my back that took me out of action for two weeks!

Thankfully I made a good recovery and things are going good. I really couldn’t have done it with out the help of Keith and George at as soon as it happened they had me on the table and started to work their magic.

Since then I have been upping the cardio, back to terrifying other gym users with my altitude mask and Darth Vader breathing but they are getting use to it now! One gym session included me taking on the step mill for 4 hours in a joint training/fundraising event.

The training will continue until we leave and I’m planning on taking on Pen y fan on the 30th March as a last big trek. Anyone is welcome to join me.

Since the last update I have taken a few trips to the big smoke. Firstly to have my medical with (who have kindly supported all the challengers with their medical check ups). The check up included the usual medical checks with ECG’s, lung functionality tests and a audio check up. Thankfully, all results came back as expected and I am medically signed off to take on the challenge.

The second trip up North was to celebrate all that is great about Wooden Spoon at their annual Rugby Ball help on Park Lane. For a guy who lives in shorts and sports clothing, it was a good occasion to pull out the tuxedo and brush my hair!

It was a great night helping to raise funds for the charity and it was an opportunity to introduce my wife Amelie to the other challengers and meet their partners.


This last month is full of fundraising events, sorting kit and Chinese visas. Surely the time will fly by and we’ll soon be in the airport saying goodbye to my family, although I’m not looking forward to the goodbyes, we all know it will not be for long and hopefully it will inspire my daughter Ivy to one day achieve something spectacular.

I wouldn’t be doing this without the support of my family so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Amelie and Ivy. Promise I’ll try not to do anything this crazy again.

Take it easy



The teams are in!

I hope you have all had a great Christmas and looking forward to a happy New Year, a New Year where myself and my fellow Wooden Spoon LMAX Exchange Everest Challenge team mate will become world record breakers.

Having had a busy build up to Christmas I have not been able to update my blog and there is a lot to update!

Firstly, let’s start with the fundraising. The total is slowly going up and has been helped greatly by a very kind £300 donation by the Freemasons from the Portsmouth lodge. This came from a dad from one of my Rugbytots classes kindly sharing the story of my challenge with his fellow Freemasons. It was also great to be presented the cheque by their Charity steward Bob Cullen at the recent Team Announcement meeting in Southampton.

I was also fortunate to attend the VP Christmas dinner at Eastleigh RFC where I raised £100 from entries to my raffle for a signed Harlequins rugby ball. Also during this event, I announced the Burns night supper we will be hosting at the club next month to support my fundraising. Tickets can be purchased from behind the bar at the club or from contacting me.

I am very grateful to all the others who have donated to my just giving page I am looking for more sponsors and if anyone can help me find a few local businesses who would be willing to support me I would be extremely grateful. It’s a great chance to be part of something truly unique and I can offer some great opportunities in return.

As briefly mentioned above, myself and my fellow challengers met in Southampton for the Team Announcement!!!

There was huge anticipation ahead of this event as, not only was it another chance to meet up again, but it was also to find out which teams we would be in! The meet up started with Altitude testing with the guys from The Altitude Centre where we were hooked up to a altitude machine which simulated the lack of oxygen at 4000m and 5000m feet while checking our bodies reaction and ability to recover from the shortage of oxygen. It was good to see my oxygen levels recovered very quickly after each test. I also used it as an opportunity to train my mind while under stress (albeit in a controlled environment), I sometimes allow a situation to cause anxiety but I’m learning to control my thoughts and my heart rate whilst in these situations.

As always, when I meet up with these guys we get on great and I showed a few around my old stomping ground in the evening and friendships grew more over a few fizzy pops.

The following day really blew my mind. First we were fitted with our gum shields by the good people at Opro. The gum shields we have been given are fantastic and it’s great to have them supporting us. Following this we were treated to a hugely inspirational story from Ed Jackson who is climbing his own Everest as he recovers from breaking his neck. As well as being inspired by his determination the thing that touched me was how he talked about the effects it had on his family and made me think of the sacrifices my family are making for me to attempt this challenge and hopefully I can inspire and do them proud them in return.

Then came the big Team Announcement. Although we are one big team, we have to be in teams to play the highest ever game of rugby. For me, sitting there was like watching the Lions team announcement on the Living with the Lions DVDs, my name was called out and I was in #TeamTamara led by England legend Tamara Taylor.

That afternoon we were welcomed by The Solent Sharks wheelchair Rugby team to try their sport and meet everyone connected to the club. They have received funding from Wooden Spoon to support their club and it’s great to hear they have teams for all ages. Having had a few games amongst ourselves we then lined up against The Solent Sharks in a match. While we were pleased with our play between ourselves, they showed us how it was done, their speed and tactics were awesome to see first hand and it’s easy to see why they are one of the best teams in the country. Despite their dominance we managed a few scores and made a good go of it (I even got on the score sheet too, hopefully a good omen for the game on Everest). It was great to speak to a few of the players and meet their coach Gary (amazingly, myself and Gary completed our RFU level 2 together back in the day).

Overall it was an awesome day but also highlights how close we are to going. Currently we are around 100 days to take off. I have a lot of fundraising to go and a lot of training to get though but it will all be worth it when we raise a huge amount for the charity and break that world record.

That’s it for now but there is so much more to look forward to in the coming months.

As it’s Christmas let’s end on a cracker joke…… What’s Santa’s favourite pizza….. one that’s deep-pan, crisp and even.

Walking with the wife!

Hi everyone.

It’s been a few weeks since my last update and a lot has happened.


Been hitting it hard these last few weeks. Getting some great strength based training at The Gym, working on a few things given to me by my Physio. The back is holding up well and the work has mainly been about developing the muscles used while descending the mountains, a lot of box jumps followed by a slow stepping down.

As well as hitting the gym, the big training gain was tackling the Pen y Fan horseshoe. Around 10km with the summit of Pen y fan topping out at 886m, probably over 1000m of climbing (not 100% as my phone battery didn’t enjoy the temperature and cut out half way round). On the trek was my amazing wife Amelie. Not known for her long distance trekking but completed her first ever summit and 10km hike! We were also joined by fellow Everest Challenge team mate John and his wife, we were supposed to be joined by another team mate, Matt, we somehow started in different car parks but did cross paths at the peak of Pen y fan, perfect timing for a Wooden Spoon Everest Challenge photo opportunity.


The reason I am going through all this training and the eventual challenge is to raise as much money as possible for the amazing Wooden Spoon children’s charity.

Again I have been having some awesome discussions with a few businesses and people and hopefully I will have a one onboard for the next blog update. If you know anyone who would like to get involved please contact me. There are some amazing opportunities for companies who support my challenge which are truly unique. You can see your brand on Everest during the challenge, get some great coverage on social media and be added to the supporters page on the Wooden Spoon website. There are many more things we can do together and I am open to any request you may have to meet your requirements.

On the positive front, we have had great contributions from Mark Smith at Advanced Water Softeners and Graham & Emma Bottomley at GB (mechanical) Associates Ltd both good friends at Eastleigh RFC.

I also had my first experience of a bucket collection at M&S in Eastleigh. Got a good contribution from the generous customers. Many thanks to my fellow Eastleigh RFC colts coach Dylan Chandler who is the boss of the store. I’ve been fortunate to be offered a chance to do it again next month.

I have also been utilising by contacts in Rugby. As a community coach with Harlequins I have been lucky to receive a signed ball and some match tickets to auction. Also with my coaching role with London Irish DPP I have been given a signed shirt and match tickets, thanks to Alex James for sorting this.

Finally on the fundraising front, I will be hosting a Burns Night Supper in January. The event will be held at Eastleigh RFC and will feature all the traditions associated with the night.

And finally

Thanks for reading my blog, if you enjoyed it please can you share it and spread the word, if you didn’t enjoy it, still share it anyway.

As you can see from the above, I am getting some great support which is extremely appreciated, Brendon and Tom at The Gym group Fratton, James and George at Up and Running who are looking after my broken body with physio and fitness advice and finally the good people at Eastleigh RFC.

There is a lot coming up in the run up to Christmas, we have altitude training down in Southampton and a chance to see one of the projects supported by Wooden Spoon and join in a game with the Solent Sharks wheelchair rugby team (those guys are tough and hit hard). I will also, hopefully (work allowing), be supporting the guys at Wooden Spoon as they launch the “Climb your own Everest” project in London where we will be looking to get businesses, schools and sports clubs involved in our Everest Challenge fundraising, something I am hoping to do through my daughters school.

That’s it for now.

Take it easy.


It’s all real now!

Hello everyone.

Since my last blog the whole Wooden Spoon Everest Challenge has gotten very real.

Last weekend I made a 9 hour drive (thanks Sat Nat) to Ambleside in the Lake District and finally met the other crazy people who have signed up for this challenge. Having never met any of them before I was curious what they would be like but I can confirm every last one of them are awesome.

There are a lot of characters in the group (I’ll not name names, they know who they are). Lots of different backgrounds, lots of different reasons for taking part and a range of ages in the expedition. We got to know each other in the traditional way (a few beers) and the not so traditional ways (up the side of a mountain).

I can already tell that when we get there and the going gets tough we will all look after each other.

With regards to the training, first day was a cracking trek, 6 hours, over 800m in climbing and a great crack getting to know everyone. I must have spoken to everyone at some point on that walk, all 30 of them! It was great to test the equipment again but this time over a longer period. The second mountain day was more of a media day and shorter route to allow for the mammoth journey home. Where day one was a gradual incline, day two was straight up, 600m up in a 1.2km of walking. All together two different challenges. The idea was to test the legs on consecutive days. It seemed to be fine but still a long way off 6 hour days back to back for two weeks finishing with a 10 hour slog planned on one of our last days on Everest.

The training weekend was also an opportunity to meet the guys from Adventure Peaks who will be our guides on Everest. They come with amazing experiences of Everest and our expedition leader Carrie having summited in the past. Learned some golden tips for when we are there and they will be vital to completing the challenge.

Also during the meet up we were joined by Sam from World Rugby TV and the guys from Sports beat. Essentially, Sam, Russell Howard lookalike, is the most important person on the trip, if he doesn’t make it then the game does not get filmed and the record does not count. We may have to take turns to carry him up there! It was interesting to be interviewed for the challenge and great to see it already being used to promote what we are doing. Tamara and Matt were all over the news the other night (for the right reasons may I add).


Ultimately, this challenge can not take place with out generous sponsorship and it’s going to an amazing charity in Wooden Spoon to help them carry on the great work that they do with Children in the UK.

I am still on the search for corporate sponsorship having had a few leads fall away. If you would like your company attached to this amazing challenge then please contact me and I can discuss the corporate packages we can offer in return.

I have had a few donations through my Virgin Giving page and via text donate (JONI49 and the amount to 70070). Thank you for those donations. My page address is

I have also secured a few signed items to auction and I’m building a cracking list of raffle prizes, watch this space.

That’s it for now but I’ll end with a joke (no not What’s a Yak?)

Why didn’t the lifeguard save the hippy from drowning?

He was too far out man ✌️

I’m back!!!

Its been a while since my last blog and a LOT has happened!

Where shall I start?

Should probably start with one of the most significant days of my life, no not climbing Snowdon, I GOT MARRIED!!!!!

On 18th August at the wonderful Sosban Restaurant in Llanelli, I said “I do” and married my stunning bride Amelie. It was an amazing day surrounded by our family and friends with a few wines and wonderful food thrown in.

I am very lucky to have a wonderful wife who supports me on these crazy ideas I come up with. I promise this is the last one I do (for now).

After the wedding we had a great few days away with our daughter exploring West Wales. We are planning a honeymoon for later on in the year.


Since returning I have hit the ground running with the training. Firstly I’ve got to say thanks to Brendon and Tom at The Gym group in Portsmouth for sorting out my gym membership and for their on going support. Along with the gym sessions I’ve got a new pair of boots (nice pair of Meindl boots, very comfortable since day one). Thanks to my big sister Claire for helping me out with this. If you are ever in Swansea and need some out door gear go see her at Go Outdoors, tell her I sent you!

The biggest step in my training came on the weekend when a few of us made the long trip to Snowdon. After a night in a YHA sharing a room with someone with the smelliest feet ever, we tackled the Llanberis trail to summit my first mountain peak! Along with Habbey, Matt and Chris we battled the wind and rain and went up and down in 4hrs 25mins.

Really enjoyed the trek and it was a good to test out the kit. Boots were fine despite being full of water (not through any fault of the boot), tried walking poles for the first time and am really pleased with using them going forward.

Learned a few lessons along the way too. Need to have my kit for after the walk either in the car or in a dry bag, was not fun sitting in wet trousers for the drive home, quick drying kit only dries when they stop getting wet and those covers for your rucksack are worth the £5! Others on the mountain that day also learned some lessons like an umbrella is pointless up a mountain, Converse are good shoes but not for trekking up Wales’ biggest mountain and food and drink is not optional.


The sponsorship is starting to come in from friends and family but I’m still looking for businesses to get involved. In return they will get a unique opportunity to be connected to an amazing charity, Wooden Spoon, be connected to two World Record attempts and have their brand displayed on EVEREST!!!

If you know anyone/business who would like to get involved, please contact me on or 07746683412.

I’ve also set up a text donate number, all you have to do is text JONI49 and the amount (eg £10) to 70070.

That’s it for now

Back to work and training for now, if anyone wants to keep up to date with my training, follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just search my name.

”If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training”

Week 2 update

Welcome back to my Wooden Spoon Everest Challenge blog.

Whats been happening this week.

Been busy this week, have a few leads which will hopefully be the start of the sponsorship coming in. I’ve also been contacting a few people with regards to donating items to be auctioned off. More details about this will be shared when confirmed.

I have set up a text donate number through Just Giving, supporters can now donate by texting JONI49 and the amount to 70070. I’m looking to get t-shirts made to wear when working out (will probably become my everyday wear) and during classes which will have the text details on and hopefully raise awareness.


This week I have been in the gym a few times (kitted out in altitude mask) and as I am coaching rugby camps for Harlequins I am covering a lot of mileage during the day. Got some walking poles and some boots on order so will be tasting them out soon with my mate Ian Habby Habberfield who is in training for his own trek to base camp in October.

The guys at Wooden Spoon have been organising a training weekend in September for us in the Lake District. Going to be good to do some serious trekking and meeting the other members of the challenge. I’m down to share a room with someone over that weekend, I’d like to take this opportunity to reassure the unsuspecting roommate, despite what the future Mrs Ingarfield-Turner may say, I am not a snorer and am a very tidy person!

Coming up

Speaking of the future Mrs I-T, we get married next week so may impact on my blog updates over the next two weeks. I may squeeze one in between now and the big day if anything big comes up. As this is not a long blog post this week, take a read of this from the Beebs interview with super Shane.

Take it easy.

The first blog

Welcome to my first blog post about my journey to Everest.

What I am doing

In April 2019, myself and 21 others (including Wales record try scorer Shane Williams, England World Cup winner Andy Gomarsall, England international and World Cup finalist Tamara Taylor and England Sevens legend Ollie Phillips) will take on the Wooden Spoon Everest Challenge!

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Everest and be part of the Guinness World Record attempt to play the highest ever game of full contact Rugby and mixed touch rugby game at over 6000m. Personally it’s a privilege to be involved in this challenge but the reason we are doing this is to raise vital money to change the lives of children throughout the UK and what better reason is there than that!

So far I have contacted a lot of companies both locally and nationwide about becoming sponsors of this unique challenge and although some are considering, I have had a few rejections. There are various reasons for this but I’m sure there are some out there who wants to get involved and help these children who need it!

If you are a business or individual who would like to contribute towards my sponsorship, please contact me on and I can offer you a unique opportunity to be associated with an unbelievable challenge in an amazing landscape. Through my personal and business social media platforms, along with the internationally recognised Wooden Spoon social media accounts, you will get great coverage of your support throughout the build up and challenge and even get your companies logo at the highest mountain on Earth!

About me

I am a 34 year old Rugby coach living in Hampshire, England but originally from Port Talbot, Wales.

I live with my soon to be wife Amelie, my 5 year old daughter Ivy and my crazy dog Ernie.

I have spent the last 10 years of my working life coaching rugby (if you can call being a rugby coach work) to children of all ages in various places throughout the South of England. I currently own and run a Rugbytots franchise, Rugbytots Chichester & Portsmouth ( and also a community coach with Harlequins and will start a new role as DPP coach with London Irish later this year.


Through my day “job” I regularly cover large distances while delivering active sessions but I know I will have to up my training. I regularly attend The Gym – Fratton in Portsmouth about three times a week and am working on strength and conditioning programme to build my ability to walk distances at high altitude.

To aid this training I recently purchased an Altitude training mask from FDBRO and despite looking like Bane from Batman it is proving effective!

To look after my recovery during training I have the support of Up and Running Sports Injury Clinic in Portsmouth. ( ) I’ve been going to these guys for 18 months for the odd adjustment and can’t recommend them highly enough.

For the next few weeks where my schedule is slightly different to normal, I will continue to attend the gym build on my base levels and try to get a few trekking miles in regularly each week to get the body use to it. Not sure how the dog will feel about this extra walking though!

That’s it for this week

Hopefully this has been a good read, even if it was on the toilet, and I hope you come back for the next post. Please share this as myself and Wooden Spoon are looking to raise the profile of the challenge.

If you would like to donate to my fundraising target, please follow this link

Take it easy